Featured ubpulse H3


Insert finger into the ubpulse H3, just wait one minute, that’ all. It proceeds automatically.

Step 1. Press the button power on.

Step 2. Insert finger into ubpulse H3 and wait one minute.

Step 3. ubpulse H3 shows the ANS analysis reports.


ANS analysis reports type.

  • ANS balance
  • Activities of SNS, PSNS and ANS.
  • Histogram of heart rate and HRV Index.

Terms on ANS reports.

  • ANS : Autonomic Nervous System
  • SNS : Sympathetic Nervous System
  • PSNS : Para Sympathetic Nervous System
  • HRV : Heart Rate Variability


Usage video. It’s so simple


Quick Guide

 ubpulse H3 Quick Guide. download or view online.