There are largely two different methods of data acquisition. One is to collect the data without giving any stimulus to the subject, the other, to measure them while giving various stimuli to the subject with specific purposes. In case of the former, i.e., data acquisition without giving any stimulus, it is not necessary to use the stimulus setting tool bar. What are the reasons to collect the data giving various stimuli to the subject? The answer may differ from researcher to researcher, but the most important one is to analyze the characteristics of the signals in response to different stimuli. The data are gathered while repetitively giving the subject visual and auditory stimuli such as sound, pictures and animation at the same time. By measuring the data giving stimuli, the change of the signals from the subject in response to stimuli can be understood.Since the stimuli should be generated occasionally during data acquisition, it is necessary to configure the stimuli before data acquisition. That is to say, when the start button for data acquisition is pushed after the stimuli have been configured in the stimulus setting tool bar in advance, the data can be collected while the stimuli are given to the subject.