int SetDeviceControlPanel_LXDeviceAPI(int device_handling_id,int para0, int para1);


Parameter Available Value Description
int device_handling_id
  • return value of OpenDevice
int para0
  • 0 : Select all elements.
Target elements in API’s Device Control Panael.
int para1
  • 0 : disable
  • 1 : enable
Enable/disable the target elements selected by int para0

Return Values

Return  meaning Description
 1  Success
 -3  Fail. No device(correspond to int device_handling_id).
 -10  Fail. Wrong calling order. StopStream should be called after OpenApi.

Code Example

void CLXDeviceAPI_Sample1View::OnMenuSetdevicecontrolpanel()
  static int para1=0; 
  SetDeviceControlPanel_LXDeviceAPI(m_iDeviceHandlingID, 0, para1);
  // toggling para1.
  if (para1) para1 = 0; 
  else para1 = 1; 


Device Control Panel disabled.

Device Control Panel disabled.