A report is literally a function to convert the result of analysis to the form of a document. By properly facilitating the methods to put a comment and insert explanation on the graph that is added to the report, an excellent report can be built in the course of collecting and analyzing the data at the same time. Report building can be performed conveniently in diversified forms by use of the report tool bar that is explained hereafter.

1. Report Tool Bar

As mentioend above, when the report is clicked, the report window appears and the report bar shows up.

Report Building

Report Building

1.1 Standard Tools

About the four standard functions of ‘Save’, ‘Save As’, ‘Copy’ and ‘Print’, we skip the detail explanation. Please refer to the explanation provided previously!!

1.2 Report Tools

These are tools that are used to edit the report windows. They help the user ornament the report window as he or she wishes.