Prior to analysis, purpose of analysis should be clarified. Users should clearly know and understand what information will be obtained from data collected and what results are expected from such information. Also, another important point is what analysis method meets the purpose of analysis. Since TeleScan providing various analysis methods has a wide range of applications, selection of the analysis method consistent with the purpose of analysis will result in more effective and efficient data analysis. Therefore, for correct data analysis, users should clearly understand what information will be obtained from data and then, select the most desirable method appropriate for the purpose.

Various analysis methods will be introduced. The purposes and results of individual analysis method will be provided to help users easily conduct data analysis. Analysis methods are shown as icons in Analysis Tool Bar, so users can easily access to them. Also, analysis results are provided as 2-D or 3-D graphs as required to facilitate data analysis.

Analysis results are registered at Analysis Window in the form of tree according to the flow applied to the analysis method. Analysis method, results, and all conditions registered at Analysis Window can be saved as a “cdf” file. Therefore, users can know which method has been used for data analysis. Further, users can conduct data analysis while applying various methods at one time and compare results.