Quick guide for programming


In this example, the s/w developing PC should be connected to QEEG-64FX via USB.


Quick Start – Using Sample Project.

The sample project “LXDeviceAPI_Sample1” is the simplest example source code made by Visual C++ 2015. The “LXDeviceAPI_Sample1” is downloadable from GitHub repository.

step 1. Let’s call function OpenApi and then CloseApi.

The LXDeviceAPI window appears after calling OpenApi, disappears after calling CloseApi.

step 2. Starting Stream for acquiring the real time bio signal.

Call the API functions OpenApi , OpenDevice, SetMessageDevice and StartStream.

After call StartStrem, LXDeviceAPI send a stream message to application program. Application’s message handler must call the GetStreamData to get the unit stream data. Now you can use a unit stream data for plotting, saving and any processing you need.

step 3. Closing  the LXDeviceAPI

If there is no need to use LXDeviceAPI anymore, call the functions StopStream, CloseDevice and CloseApi.

Overall procedure can be seen following video,