PPD (Packet Property Data)

Available 0 ~ 15 for Stream Mode.

PC (Packet Count)

+1 for every one packet transmission and start 0 again after the maximum value.
By using PC, it is necessarily used to identify the data transmitted to PCD every packet.
The maximum of PC value gets different value according to PCD Type(PCDT) value. If PCDT is 0, PC maximum is 31.

PCD0~1, PCD SEP (Packet Cyclic Data)

Different values are allocated at each PC (Packet Count).

PUD0~3, PUD SEP (Packet Unit Data)

Allocated data is different for each product. Mainly, information data to transmit at high speed is allocated.

PSD0~3, PSD SEP (Packet Stream Data)

Mainly, multi channel stream data is allocated.

PCDT (Packet Cyclic Data Type)

PC maximum depends on this value and data transmitted to packet cyclic data depends on PCDT value. PCDT value is always 0 for the first stage(device power ON) and though PCDT value is changed into different value like 1,2,3.. on the situation, it is changed into 0 automatically by completing data transmission of the mode one time.

 PCDT  PC (Packet Count) Maximum  Data
 0  31  Exclusive data for LXSDF T5A and general data.
 1 ~ 7  depends on each product.


LXSDF T2A PCD Designated Data for PCDT 0.

The section from PC 0 to 19 is for transmitting product’s specialized data and the section from PC 20 to PC 31 is for system designated data. The system exclusive data is explained as below table.

 Table. PCD Designated Data of PCDT 0
 PCD0,1[PC]  Item  Description
 PCD0,1[31]  Com port search information PCD0[31] :  fixed value 110. Information for searching device using LXSDF T5A.
 PCD0,1[30]  LXDeviceID  Allocated value between 256 and 65535. Unique ID for identifying the device.

PCD0[30] : Low Byte, PCD1[30] : High Byte.

 PCD0,1[29]  ComFirmInfo1 PCD0[29] : Bit 7  ComFirmID, Bit6~0 : ComFirmVersion for processor 1.
 PCD0,1[28]  Number of channel PCD0[28] : number of channel in the element PSD(Packet Stream Data).
 PCD0,1[27]  Number of samples PCD0[27] : number of samples in the element PSD(Packet Stream Data).
 PCD0,1[26]  ComPath PCD0[26] :  Communication physical path.
 PCD0,1[25]  ComFirmInfo2 PCD0[25] : Bit 7  ComFirmID, Bit6~0 : ComFirmVersion for processor 2.
 PCD0,1[24]  ComFirmInfo3 PCD0[25] : Bit 7  ComFirmID, Bit6~0 : ComFirmVersion for processor 3.
 PCD0,1[23]  –  – reserved
 PCD0,1[22]  –  – reserved
 PCD0,1[21]  –  – reserved
 PCD0,1[20]  –  – reserved


ComPath is used for mark to show what physical path to transmit data. It is possible to transmit more than two communication path in one device. The host received the data refers to Compath value to check the communication path.

 ComPath Value  Communication Path
 0  UART
 2  Bluetooth SPP(Serial Peripheral Profile)
 3  Bluetooth Low Energy SPS ( DIALOG )
 4  Bluetooth Low Energy NUS ( NORDIC )
 5  Bluetooth Low Energy HID
 32  USB HID
 64  USB LX High Speed. ( FTDI D2XX driver or FTDI VCP driver )