Featured neuronicle FX2


neuroNicle FX2 is a real-time EEG / PPG simultaneous real-time measurement device that detects 2-channel EEG signals and 1-channel PPG and transmits them to the host side via Bluetooth (SPP) communication in real time. The EEG electrodes are placed on the left and right forehead, and the reference electrode and the ground electrode are attached to the right earlobe in the form of a pinch. The PPG sensor is provided together with the clamping electrode. The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery and the remaining battery level and its under-state value are assigned and transferred to the LXSDF T2A format along with the measurement data. Charge through a USB port on your computer with a micro USB cable. The device can be used continuously for 7 hours with a 2 hour charge.


  • Simultaneous EEG and PPG measuring.
  • Real time data transmission via Bluetooth.
    • EEG raw data, PPG raw data, EEG spectrum, heart beat events, heart beat time intervals.
  • High quality & reliable bio signal measurement.
  • Medical Certified.
  • Light weight & elastic EEG electrodes. – no pain
  • Simple & portable hair band design. – easy to use.
  • Open communication spec. – you can make your own s/w.
  • Rechargeable via USB.


For Application Developer

neuroNicle FX2 transmits the measured data to the host in real time. EEG raw data, as well as EEG spectrum, PPG raw data, heart rate, heart rate interval, and device status information are transmitted in real time. Refer to the communication specification (LXSDF T2A ) document and the neuroNicle FX2 data layout document (LXE141  download or view online ), it is possible to develop a host device program.