LOGO LXDevice API API for bio signal measuring devices

version : ( Release Date : 2017-04-20 )

The devices can be communicated with your application program via LXDeviceAPI. You can make your own application programs for communicating with devices. LXDeviceAPI provides the standard C libraries and messages.

System Architecture LXDeviceAPI

System Architecture LXDeviceAPI


  • Real time bio signal data streaming from measuring device to your application program.
  • Extremely stable and reliable thread for real time streaming data.
  • Setting the device parameters (Sampling Frequency, Device Mode Change)
  • Providing the self contained UI.
    • Setting the signal filter(LPF, HPF, notch) via “device control panel”.
    • Electrode-Skin Impedance Monitoring.
    • Auto Calibrating the device.
    • Auto Self Updating API.
    • Auto Device Firmware Update.
    • Saving the configuration information into Device.
  • API type : DLL (Dynamic Link Library).
  • API Making tool : Visual C++ 2015. MFC Regular DLL project.
  • Supporting platform : both 32bit and 64bit.
  • Supprting OS : Windows 10,  8.1, 8, 7.
  • Recommended IDE for developing the application program : Visual Studio Communitity 2015. Visual C++ . It’s free !.


Supporting Devices

  • QEEG-64FX.
    • Utra High Precision,
    • Available Channel Options from 8ch to 64ch.
      • 8ch, 16ch, 24ch, 32ch, 40ch, 48ch, 56ch, 64ch.
  • QEEG-32FX.
    • Ultra High Precision.
    • Max 32channel (fixed) EEG.