int OpenApi_LXDeviceAPI(int api_window, int api_selfupdate, int mode)


Parameter Available Value Description
 int api_window
  •  0 : “api window” view off.
  •  1 : “api window” view on.(default)
api window view enable/disable.
 int api_selfupdate
  • 0 : “api check self update” execution.
  • 1 ; “api check self update” no exec.(default)
api self-upadte check execution or not.
 int mode
  •  0: (default)

Return Values

Return  meaning Description
 1  Success
 -1  Fail.
 -2  Fail. Duplicated Call  Already succefully called OpenApi.
 -5  Fail. During window registry fixing.  Windows 8/10. LXDeviceAPI fixing the os registry for USB normal communication.
-101 ~ -120  Fail. Internal DLL loading error. When OpenApi called, LXDeviceAPI loading the internal used DLL from the folder LXDeviceAPI_Utility.

Code Example

void CLXDeviceAPI_Sample1View::OnMenuOpenapi()

Execution result.

If OpenApi is called successfully, LXDeviceAPI window & tray icon appears at the  bottom right.