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Brain Wave

Heart Beat. Optical Measuring

  1. The light from the light source (fig.a) is absorbed by tissue, venous blood and arterial blood.
  2. The light absorption is in proportion to arterial blood volume (fig.b).
  3. The output of the light detector shows the blood volume changes synchronized with heart beats (fig.c).
  4. Usually, the measured AC component is named by pulse wave or PPG (Photo Plethysmo Gram).

Bluetooth Connection

  • Bluetooth Profile : SPP ( Serial Port Profile )
  • It’s easy to program with host side serial port access.



Video : Real time transmission of the EEG and PPG raw data via bluetooth. play time 15 seconds.

Medical Certification

neuroNicle FX2  is  approved as a  medical device. It can be used as medical purposes.

neuroNicle FX2 KFDA Medical Device Certification. download or view online.


Developer Guide

Programming Guide

COM port auto search




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