Matrix Multiplication is an analysis method for modification of data. You can adjust data values by multiplying data by constant or make one by summing two data. In other words, this is useful when processing data as you need. Modification of data uses the following matrix.

Multiplication of A and B by  will result in new values, C and D, which are calculated as follow;

C = a11 • A+a12 • B2 D = a21 • A + a22 • B

If the matrix is , C = A and D = 0. So, all B values are 0.

A and B means original data values, while C and D means data values newly calculated. In other words, you can get new data values, C and D, from original data, A and B, using a specified matrix. The above example is correspondent to the case when the number of data channels is 2. In the case of 3 channels, 4 x 4 matrix can be used.