Featured ubpulse H3


ubpulse H3 can be used for HRV inspection, the inspection is started by the start command at the host side or auto started by the device, and when the inspection is completed, the signal processing process is performed in the device, and the final inspection result data is transmitted through the serial communication.


When the user places a finger on the ubpulse H3, the device detects it and achieves the optimum signal measurement condition in the automatic setting process which takes about 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the device will automatically enter the inspection mode by itself. If the blood flow of the user is abnormally small in the inspection mode, the inspection is automatically stopped before one minute is completed, and the result of the “low blood flow determination” is displayed.
If the user moves his or her fingers heavily during the measurement, the inspection will start again from the beginning.
If there is no serious “abnormal low blood flow”, the inspection is stopped at 1 minute after the normal time, and then the “low blood flow” is judged again. In the case of low blood flow, the result of “low blood flow judgment” is presented. If the blood flow is not low, the “abnormal heart rate” is determining. If the “abnormal heart rate” is abnormal, the “abnormal heart rate” is expressed. And arrhythmia are the most common causes of abnormal heart rate, and HRV analysis can not be applied when there is such an abnormal heart rate.
HRV analysis is performed when there is neither low blood flow nor abnormal heart rate, and the final analysis results are summarized and expressed.

 ubpulse H3 Communication Spec. for HRV Analysis. download or view online.