step1. Download / Unblock / Unzip LXDeviceAPI

step1.1 Download

Click LXDeviceAPI_32bit.zip if your application program is 32bit(x86) or LXDeviceAPI_64bit if your application program is 64bit(x64), download to your PC.

step1.2 Unblock the zip file

Before unzip, unblock the zip file should be taken. Click the downloaded  zip file by right mouse and click the Properties (red box following left image). Check Unblock and then click OK.

Unblock Zip file Unblock Zip file

step1.3 Unzip

After unzip, you can see the files and folder as following.

LXDeviceAPI files & folder

LXDeviceAPI files & folder


step2. Copy files to your project folder

files  copy to 
  • LXDeviceAPI_Utility (folder)
  • chartdir60.dll
  • LXDeviceAPI.dll
copy to the same folder which contains your application exe file.
  • LXDeviceAPI.h
  • LXDeviceAPI.lib
copy to your application project’s source folder.


step3. Importing DLL

In your Visual C++ source file, add the codes for implicit linking the library and include the LXDeviceAPI.h

#pragma comment(lib,"LXDeviceAPI.lib") // DLL implicit linking

#include "LXDeviceAPI.h"

That’s all, now it’s ready to use all functions and message from LXDeviceAPI.