Featured ubpulse-H3

ubpulse H3  communication formats are fully opened.  You can make your own applications with medical quality heart rate, analysed results of ANS(autonomic nervous system), and all of data from the ubpulse H3.

The ubpulse H3 has all the necessary circuitry for measurement of pulse wave (PPG, PhotoPlethysmoGraph) in the sensor and all necessary elements for measuring such as digital processor, speaker, OLED display, power supply, and all measurements and autonomic nervous test procedures are done automatically. By recognizing the state of the finger placed on the sensor, the optimum measurement setting is performed automatically, and continuous measurement, digital signal processing and data transmission are performed. ubpulse H3 can transmit both measurement data and inspection result data to the host side.


Available host device to communicate with ubpulse H3.

The ubpulse H3 supports communication via the Bluetooth (SPP) interface and can also be connected to a smart phone or a general PC equipped with a Bluetooth dongle via a Bluetooth connection.
cautions – Smartphone needs to support Bluetooth profile SPP for communication connection.Most of the latest Android phones support Bluetooth SPP. Not all products from Apple are capable of communicating with devices because Bluetooth SPP is not supported.


ubpulse H3 is recognized as a serial port on the host device.

Since the Bluetooth uses the SPP profile, it is automatically recognized as a serial port (com port) on the host device. On the communication software side, the device connection establishes com port communication, and communication with the device is started.

It is possible to develop an app in all development tools  that can COM port communicate.

Tools examples.

  • SmartPhone : Android Studio, Eclipse etc.
  • Windows PC : MS Visual Studio(C #, C ++, Basic, etc.),Python, Delphi, Java, LabVIEW, MATLAB, etc.

Documents for App. Developer

 ubpulse H3 Communication Spec. for Real Time Measuring.  download or view online.
 ubpulse H3 Communication Spec. for HRV Analysis. download or view online.

LXSDF T2 Based Communication.

The LXSDF T2 format is used as the data format for Bluetooth serial communication of ubpulse H3 and LXSDF T2 describes the arrangement of data generated in ubpulse H3.

LXSDF T2 (LX Serial Data Format T2) is a communication standard with an extremely simple and easy to use.

Full documentations for LXSDF T2 : http://laxtha.net/lxsdf-t2